Self-installed auxiliary engine power

The PSR Jet System can be retrofitted on 15m and 18m class sailplanes.

The PSR Jet System has been awarded the "Luftsportmagazin Flugsicherheitspreis 2018" for flight safety. The PSR T01 KS engine is EASA certified (EASA.E.108).

A Supplemental Type Certificate STC is required for an installation of the PSR Jet System on a sailplane.

The company Eichelsdörfer hold the EASA STC for ASW20 series. Eichelsdörfer also takes care of ASW27, ASG29, LS6, Discus and Ventus STC application. The company Güntert + Kohlmetz takes care of DG300, DG600 and DG800 STC application.

The installation can be conducted by an approved aeronautical workshop on the basis of technical notes and work instructions provided by the STC holder for the corresponding sailplane. Alternatively, self-installation is possible.

In case of interest, please send this inquiry.


PSR T01 KS engine, self-installation
PSR T01 KS engine, retraction system, self-installation, Airworthiness Certificate
PSR T01 KS engine, retraction system, installation
PSR T01 KS engine, retraction system, installation, Airworthiness Certificate